Self-esteem improvement group – 8 weeks programme

When self-esteem is unhealthy?

When people tend to see themselves in a negative or critical view. When they compare themself to others often in an unfavourable way. When they doubt their decisions, beliefs, actions? When they feel depressed or anxious due to their poor self-belief. When they minimise compliments they receive?

A person with healthy self-esteem is more confident, have a better and more positive self-view, feel ‘worthy’ or ‘good enough’.

The group improvement offers:

  • emotional and psychological support and understanding
  • in-between sessions activities
  • a chance to uncover or create some aspects of personality
  • help to process some unresolved issues
  • to show healthy coping skills
  • a possibility to develop a renewed sense of purpose

Reading suggestion

Test your self-esteem

The group needs at least 5 participants to start. 

Starts on 28th April 2021 at 8 p.m.

The cost is €80 for 8 weeks programme and will be continued with blocks of 8 weeks programmes afterwards.

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Please, contact me for more details.

Monika 085 754 25 79  call, text, WhatsApp

Terms and Conditions

Please note that information about the event and venue are subject to change and cancellation. In the unlikely event that a workshop may have to be cancelled or postponed, we will inform you directly as soon as possible. If less than 5 people will sign up, a refund will be given.